Christmas Showcase, Sunday 13th December, 2015. Venue 1, The Brunton, Musselburgh. Dancer’s performances are as listed below.

October 20, 2015
Chloe Adam 12.30pm 
Roxana Adjodani 4.30pm 
Ava Aitchison 4.30pm 
Myia Allan 12.30pm
Imogen Allen Both 
Olivia Allen 4.30pm 
Sarah Anderson 12.30pm 
Esme Andre Both 
Lauren Armet 4.30pm 
Sophie Armet 4.30pm 
Alice Armstrong 4.30pm 
Eve Baillie 12.30pm 
Zara Baillie 12.30pm 
Annabel Bain 4.30pm 
Libby Bain 4.30pm 
Beth Ballantine Both 
Molly Barclay 12.30pm 
Jessica Barlow Both 
Joshua Barlow 12.30pm 
Poppy Bell 4.30pm 
Nina Biagi 12.30pm 
Sophie Binns 12.30pm 
Anna Blair Both 
Zsofia Blair Both 
Kristin Boby 12.30pm 
Hannah Bonthron Both 
Katie Bowman 12.30pm 
Tia Boyd 12.30pm 
Heidi Boyle 12.30pm 
Olivia Boyle 12.30pm 
Ailie Brown 12.30pm 
Amy Brown 4.30pm 
Bella Bruce 4.30pm 
Callie Bryant 4.30pm 
Erin Burness 4.30pm 
Lauren Burnett 12.30pm 
Kirsty Byrne Both 
Georgia Campbell 4.30pm 
Nicole Campbell Both 
Becky Cargill 4.30pm 
Evie-Mae Cattanach 12.30pm 
Mila-Rose Cattanach 12.30pm 
Lily Chalmers 4.30pm 
Sophie Chisholm 12.30pm 
Katie Cleghorn 12.30pm 
Niamh Collie 12.30pm 
Rosa Connolly 4.30pm 
Katie Craik 4.30pm 
Kira Cran 12.30pm 
Hannah Darling Both 
Amber Davies 4.30pm 
Hannah Davis 12.30pm 
Sophie Dawson 12.30pm 
Tess Devlin 4.30pm 
Ashlyn Dickson 4.30pm 
Ellis Dickson 4.30pm 
Mila Dickson 4.30pm 
Molly Dickson 12.30pm 
Sophie Diggin 4.30pm 
Lily Dodds 4.30pm 
Abbie Doidge 4.30pm 
Emma Drever 12.30pm 
Jamie Dryden 4.30pm 
Julia Duff 4.30pm 
Emma Dugdale Both 
Cerys Duncan 12.30pm 
Holly Eccles 4.30pm 
Daisy Eldrett 4.30pm 
Abbie Elgin 4.30pm 
Gemma Erskine 4.30pm 
Abby Falconer Both 
Jenna Falconer 12.30pm 
Kirsty Farquhar 12.30pm 
Keryn Finlayson 12.30pm 
Layla Finlayson 12.30pm 
Anna Fitzpatrick Both 
Niamh Fleet 12.30pm 
Kristin Fleming Both 
Eilidh Forrest 4.30pm 
Darcy Frankitti Both 
Emily Gardner 12.30pm 
Olivia Gardner 12.30pm 
Eilidh Gerrie 4.30pm 
Amelie Gilbert 4.30pm 
Lucy Gillespie 4.30pm 
Hannah Gillie 12.30pm 
Blythe Gillies Both 
Rosie Gilligan 4.30pm 
Rachael Glen 4.30pm 
Mairi Goodall 4.30pm 
Alexandra Graham 12.30pm 
Charlie Grant 4.30pm 
Jess Grant 4.30pm 
Lola Gray 12.30pm 
Libby Haddow 12.30pm 
Eve Harris 12.30pm 
Olivia Harris 12.30pm 
Roslyn Hay Both 
Cara Henderson 12.30pm 
Chloe Hill Both 
Evie Hislop 12.30pm 
Hollie Hislop 12.30pm 
Amy Holstead 4.30pm 
Elsie Holstead 4.30pm 
Katie Holstead Both 
Katie Hook Both 
Hollie Hope Both 
Ruby Houston 12.30pm 
Naomi Htet-Marshall Both 
Ellie Hutchinson 12.30pm 
Lauren Jack Both 
Gemma Jessup Both 
Sarah Jessup 12.30pm 
Lauren Kane 12.30pm 
Lola Keddie 12.30pm 
Katie Keegan 12.30pm 
Alexandra Kelly Both 
Melanie Kelly 4.30pm 
Ava Knox 12.30pm 
Belle Knox 12.30pm 
Rachel La Roche Both 
Zoe La Roche Both 
Sarah Lake 4.30pm 
Francesca Laurie 12.30pm 
Holly Liddle 4.30pm 
Eva Linford 4.30pm
Hannah Livingstone 4.30pm 
Maggie Livingstone 4.30pm 
Rosie Livingstone 4.30pm 
Georgie Logan 12.30pm 
Rebecca Long 4.30pm 
Stella Lynn 4.30pm 
Macy Mack 12.30pm 
Ellie Martin 4.30pm 
Holly Martin 12.30pm 
Ruby Martin 12.30pm 
Nieve Mason 4.30pm 
Ruby Maule 4.30pm 
Imogen McClory 4.30pm 
Lola McConnachie 12.30pm 
Leah Mcdonald 12.30pm 
Danielle McDougall 12.30pm 
Sadie McGrath 12.30pm 
Lucia McIntyre 12.30pm 
Isabella McKendry 12.30pm 
Jessica McKendry 12.30pm 
Jessica Mckenna 4.30pm 
Skye McLaren 4.30pm 
Anais McLean 12.30pm 
Lily McLean-Morrison Both 
Ellie McMillan 4.30pm 
Sophie McNamara 12.30pm
Anna McPhail 4.30pm 
Myla McVeigh 12.30pm 
Amy Mee Both 
Ryan Mee 12.30pm 
Mia Menzies 4.30pm 
Elizabeth Middleton 4.30pm 
Sarah Miller Both 
Neve Minto Both 
Isla Morrison 4.30pm 
Ava Morton 12.30pm 
Halle Morton 12.30pm 
Amber Moyes 4.30pm  
Niamh Mulcahy 12.30pm 
Kirsty Munro Both 
Rosie Murdoch 4.30pm 
Jessica Murphy 4.30pm 
Chloe Neville Both 
Sarah Nicoll 12.30pm 
Georgia O'Neil 12.30pm 
Rosie Palmer 4.30pm 
Anna Parisi 4.30pm 
Robyn Paterson 12.30pm 
Jessica Price 12.30pm 
Izzy Pye 4.30pm 
Caitlin Quinn 4.30pm 
Sophia Raphael 12.30pm 
Lucy Reddington 4.30pm 
Sadie Regan 12.30pm 
Amy-May Ritchie 12.30pm 
Charlotte Ritchie Both 
Sophie Ritchie 4.30pm 
Amy Robertson 4.30pm 
Lacey Robertson 12.30pm 
Lois Robertson 4.30pm 
Alison Russell Both 
Grace Ryan 12.30pm 
Estera Rycabel 4.30pm 
Nerissa Rycabel 4.30pm 
Eve Salton 12.30pm 
Gracie Salton 12.30pm 
Niamh Salvona 4.30pm 
Ellie Sanders 4.30pm 
Aimee Scott 12.30pm 
Erin Scott 4.30pm 
Evie Scott 12.30pm 
Keira Scott 12.30pm 
Iona Senew 4.30pm 
Emma Shields 12.30pm 
Sophie Shuttleworth 12.30pm 
Eva Smart 12.30pm 
Isla Smart 12.30pm 
Caitlin Smith 12.30pm 
Evie Smith 4.30pm 
Megan Smith 12.30pm 
Eve Sneddon 12.30pm 
Amelie Spicer 4.30pm 
Anna Steedman 4.30pm 
Emily Steedman 4.30pm  
Carys Stewart 12.30pm 
Isla Stewart 4.30pm 
Morven Stewart 4.30pm 
Amelia Stott Both 
Zoa Strachan 4.30pm 
Louise Swanston 12.30pm 
Grace Swinton Both 
Olivia Tait 12.30pm 
Eve Taylor 12.30pm 
Anna Thompson Both 
Emma Thomson 12.30pm 
Iona Thomson 4.30pm 
Lauren Thomson Both 
Morven Thomson 4.30pm 
Orla Thomson Both 
Nicole Thorburn Both 
Elle Toulouse 12.30pm 
Mercedes Tulley 4.30pm 
Levi Tumilty 12.30pm 
Cara Turnbull 4.30pm 
Zoe Turnbull 4.30pm 
Grace Warnock 12.30pm 
Yvie Waterstone Both 
Amy Watters Both 
Rudi Waugh 12.30pm 
Lexi Weir 4.30pm  
Jessica Wightman 4.30pm 
Sophie Williamson 4.30pm 
Kirsty Wilson 12.30pm 
Maisie Wood 12.30pm

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