Christmas Showcase, Sunday, 12th December, 2021, Dancer’s Performance Times.

November 08, 2021
Esme Andre Both
Lauren Armet 2.30pm
Sophie  Armet Both
Joshua Barlow Both
Jessica  Barlow  Both
Hannah Bonthron Both
Katie Bowman 2.30pm
Frankie Buchanan 11.00am
Erin Burness Both
Lily   Caird 11.00am
Evie-Mae  Cattanach 11.00am
Lottie Clement 11.00am
Rosa Connolly 2.30pm
Florence Cornhill 2.30pm
Klaudia Cornhill 2.30pm
Eilish Cowan 2.30pm
Sophia De Jager 2.30pm
Dixie Dockerty 11.00am
Lily Dodds 11.00am
Emma Dugdale Both
Daisy  Eldrett Both
Jenna Falconer 11.00am
Amelia Farrell 11.00am
Jessica Farrer 2.30pm
Nadia Fergusson 2.30pm
Lottie Findlay 2.30pm
Phoebe  Gilhooley 11.00am
Lucy Gillespie Both
Eva Gonzaga 2.30pm
Ava Harkness 11.00am
Hollie  Hislop 11.00am
Jessica Hole 2.30pm
Giulietta Hunter 2.30pm
Ellie Hutchinson Both
Stanley Jackson 11.00am
Sarah Jessup   Both
Lily  Jordan 11.00am
Emily  Jost 11.00am
Yvie  Kenna 2.30pm
Isobel Knibbs Both
Zoe La Roche Both
Sophia Laing 11.00am
Rebecca Long Both
Stella Lynn 2.30pm
Esme Mack 11.00am
Macy  Mack 11.00am
Chloe Mason 11.00am
Ania McCarter 2.30pm
Grace McCartney 2.30pm
Imogen  McClory 2.30pm
Stella McCran 2.30pm
Sophia McDonald 11.00am
Skye McLaren Both
Lily McLean-Morrison Both
Sorsha McMenemy 11.00am
Daisy Melvin 11.00am
Lena Merson 11.00am
Eilidh Moffat 2.30pm
Hana Moncrieff 11.00am
Esme Morrice 2.30pm
Isla Morrison 2.30pm
Ava  Morton Both
Halle Morton 11.00am
Amber Moyes Both
Hannah Mulholland 11.00am
Anna Parisi Both
Ava  Paton-Aitchison 11.00am
Grace Paton-Aitchison 11.00am
Jessica Price 11.00am
Isobel  Raggett 11.00am
Sophia Raphael Both
Lori Renton 11.00am
Maeve Roarty 2.30pm
Amy Robertson Both
Cairns Robertson 11.00am
Freya Robertson 11.00am
Lois  Robertson Both
Ava Ross 2.30pm
Molly Russell 2.30pm
Grace Ryan Both
Niamh Salvona Both
Aimee Scott Both
Emma Shields 11.00am
Eva  Smart 2.30pm
Elizabeth  Smith 11.00am
Eve Sneddon Both
Anna  Steedman 2.30pm
Edie Steel 2.30pm
Carys Stewart Both
Morven Stewart Both
Sophie Taylor 2.30pm
Archie Templeton 11.00am
Elise Thomas 2.30pm
Layla Thomas 11.00am
Alana Thompson Both
Luca Thompson Both
Anna Thomson 2.30pm
Orla Thomson Both
Hanna Wantoch 11.00am
Marina Watson 11.00am
Ella Webster 2.30pm
Jessica Wilkie 11.00am
Gracie Williamson 11.00am
Katie Wilson 11.00am
Edan Wood 2.30pm
Olivia Wood 11.00am
Cara Young 2.30pm
Larisse Zangana 11.00am

Tinies and Preps will be given notes at the classes stating their performance times.

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