Christmas Show 2023, Sunday 10th December at Portobello Town Hall. Dancers Performance Times.

October 31, 2023

Unfortunately, this year we are having to cut back on the dancers taking part in both shows as the stage at Porty Town Hall is smaller than what we use in Venue 1 at The Brunton.

We also do not have the same size of changing area backstage. We hope you understand, and that you are not too disappointed if this affects you.

These performance times are now set and cannot be changed.

Charlotte Ahern 11am Show
Anna Aitchison Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Zoe Anderson 11am Show
Matilda Anderson Part 2 – 11am Show
Helena Anderson-Irvine Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Esme Andre Both Shows
Lauren Armet Both Shows
Sophie  Armet Both Shows
Isla Bainbridge Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Rosa Baird Part 1 – 11am Show
Ellie Barclay 2.30pm Show
Joshua Barlow 2.30pm Show
Jessica  Barlow  Both Shows
Morven Beattie 11am Show
Marla Beckwith Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Lana-Rose Bell 11am Show
Amelia Bell Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Joanne Berry 11am Show
Esme Bichan 2.30pm Show
Freija Binns Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Halle Binns Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Esther Blyth Part 1 – 11am Show
Harriet Boccoli Part 1 – 11am Show
Anna Borthwick Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Erin Bourke Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Katie Bowman 11am Show
Rosa Brady  11am Show
Isabelle Brandi Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Isabella Brash 11am Show
Iris Bremner 2.30pm Show
Melissa Brennan 2.30pm Show
Eilidh Brown 2.30pm Show
Matilda Byrne 11am Show
Laura Caird 2.30pm Show
Lily   Caird 2.30pm Show
Emily  Cameron 11am Show
Ayda Campbell Part 2 – 11am Show
Maisie Carrasco Part 1 – 11am Show
Connie Chapman Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Arabella Civiera 2.30pm Show
Lottie Clement 11am Show
Rosa Connolly 11am Show
Eilidh Cook 11am Show
Florence Cornhill Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Klaudia Cornhill Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Marilou Couture 11am Show
Eilish Cowan 11am Show
Charlie Desire Part 1 – 11am Show
Ayla Devlin 11am Show
Eilish Devlin Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Matilda Dods Part 1 – 11am Show
Juniper Donald-Grubb 11am Show
Charlotte Downie Part 1 – 11am Show
Emily Doyle 2.30pm Show
Amelia Dreja Part 1 – 11am Show
Lena  Duncan-Mohamed 2.30pm Show
Ida Edmond Part 2 – 11am Show
Daisy  Eldrett Both Shows
Amelia Fabian Part 1 – 11am Show
Jenna Falconer 2.30pm Show
Jessica Farrer 2.30pm Show
Nadia Fergusson  Part 2 – 11am Show
Lottie Findlay Part 2 – 11am Show
Ivy Flockhart Part 2 – 11am Show
Eliza Fobister 2.30pm Show
Grace Fynan Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Elizabeth Giles-Troup 11am Show
Charlotte Giles-Troup Part 2 – 11am Show
Phoebe  Gilhooley Part 2 – 11am Show
Lucy Gillespie Both Shows
Daisy  Gilroy 2.30pm Show
Penny Glass  Part 2 – 11am Show
Kody Glynn 11am Show
Ayla Graham 2.30pm Show
Alexa Grant Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Isla Greenan Part 2 – 11am Show
Sophie Guthrie 2.30pm Show
Ava Harkness 2.30pm Show
Ayda Harkness Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Elena Harkness Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Iris Harkness Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Ellie Harris Part 1 – 11am Show
Grace Harris Part 1 – 11am Show
Suki Harrison Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Blythe Harron Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Keeva Herbert Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Hollie  Hislop 2.30pm Show
Jessica Hole 2.30pm Show
Ariella Houston Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Giulietta Hunter 2.30pm Show
Emily Imrie Part 2 – 11am Show
Sophia Innes Part 2 – 11am Show
Cara Jack  Part 2 – 11am Show
Stanley Jackson 11am Show
Blake Jamieson Part 1 – 11am Show
Sarah Jessup   Both Shows
Lily  Jordan 11am Show
Emily  Jost 11am Show
Ada Kean Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Emily  Kenna 2.30pm Show
Yvie  Kenna 2.30pm Show
Mollie Klavin Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Isobel Knibbs Both Shows
Sophia Laing 2.30pm Show
Esme Lambert 11am Show
Ada Lander 2.30pm Show
Alba Larrambebere-Rodriguez Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Callie Laughlan Part 1 – 11am Show
Ariana Leo 2.30pm Show
Amber Lewis 11am Show
Rebecca Long Both Shows
Olivia Lumsden 2.30pm Show
Stella Lynn Both Shows
Abbey Macara Part 1 – 11am Show
Esme Mack 11am Show
Macy Mack 11am Show
Freya Mackie Part 1 – 11am Show
Amelia Martin Part 2 – 11am Show
Ruby Maule Both Shows
Isla McArdle Part 1 – 11am Show
Ania McCarter 11am Show
Imogen  McClory 2.30pm Show
Sophia McDonald 11am Show
Myla McGill 11am Show
Ally McGinn Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Ishbel McHardy 11am Show
Flora McHardy Part 1 – 11am Show
Martha McIntosh Part 1 – 11am Show
Olivia McKenna 11am Show
Georgia McKenna Part 1 – 11am Show
Corran McKenzie 11am Show
Lilly McKinlay 11am Show
Skye McLaren Both Shows
Lily McLean-Morrison Both Shows
Kirsty McLeay 11am Show
Amelia McLeish Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Kelsey McLeod 11am Show
Shareena McManan 2.30pm Show
Sorsha McMenemy Part 2 – 11am Show
Molly McNee Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Daisy Melvin 11am Show
Lena  Merson Part 2 – 11am Show
Eilidh Moffat 11am Show
Peggy Moncur-Kemp 2.30pm Show
Isla Morrison 2.30pm Show
Halle Morton 11am Show
Ava  Morton Both Shows
Olivia Murphy 2.30pm Show
Caitlin Murray 11am Show
Scarlett Murray 11am Show
Eloise Nelson 11am Show
Isla Noor Ali Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Blessing Oduwaye Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Anna Parisi Both Shows
Sophia Parker 11am Show
Saskia Partington-Horne Part 2 – 11am Show
Ava  Paton-Aitchison Both Shows
Mia Perunavin Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Julia  Pietrzak 2.30pm Show
Jessica Price 2.30pm Show
Isobel  Raggett 2.30pm Show
Ellie Ramsay Part 2 – 11am Show
Sophia Raphael Both Shows
Poppy  Redpath Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Effie Redpath Part 2 – 11am Show
Harper Reed Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Georgia Reid Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Lori Renton 11am Show
Isra Riaz Part 1 – 11am Show
Ellie Richards 11am Show
Alice Richards Part 1 – 11am Show
Dakota Riley 2.30pm Show
Maeve Roarty Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Lila Roberts Part 2 – 11am Show
Esther Roberts Part 1 – 11am Show
Arya Robertson 11am Show
Freya Robertson (Cheer) 2.30pm Show
Amy Robertson Both Shows
Freya Robertson (Prep) Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Orla Robertson Part 1 – 11am Show
Amelia Ross Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Laci Rowse-Anderson Part 2 – 11am Show
Nina Roxburgh Part 1 – 11am Show
Molly Russell 2.30pm Show
Grace Ryan Both Shows
Honor Ryan Part 1 – 11am Show
Isabella Saunders Part 2 – 11am Show
Chloe Sawers Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Jessica Sayers 11am Show
Alicia Sayers Both Shows
Aimee Scott Both Shows
Tara Scott Part 1 – 11am Show
Emma Shields Both Shows
Remaya Singh 11am Show
Mirah Singh 2.30pm Show
Eva  Smart 11am Show
Aimee-Leigh Smith 2.30pm Show
Elizabeth  Smith 2.30pm Show
Birdie Smith Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Morven Stewart Both Shows
Charlie Stoddart 2.30pm Show
Robyn Stoddart Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Isla Taylor 11am Show
Sophie Taylor Part 2 – 11am Show
Elise Thomas 11am Show
Alana Thompson Both Shows
Luca Thompson Both Shows
Flora Thompson Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Ruairidh Thompson Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Esme Torrence Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Rachel Wainwright Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Mia  Ward Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Marina Watson Part 2 – 11am Show
Millie Watters Part 1 – 2.30pm Show
Ella Webster 11am Show
Holly Wilkinson Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Claudia Wilson 11am Show
Grace Wilson Part 2 – 2.30pm Show
Harris Wood 2.30pm Show
Harper Wright Part 2 – 11am Show

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